Alrighty guys and gals. This is the page for the campaign. Please read this page to make note of all the variant rules and little add-ons that I am planning to use. I don’t really consider this game to be 3.5. It is more

Skill Groups: Each class will have a certain number of skill groups that I will give to them. Please note that you can only put points into the group that you have when you level up as that class. This is mostly for characters that are multi-class. Let me know what your classes are and I will tell you what groups you get.

Here is an example to explain what I mean by this. Say you are a multi-class wizard/fighter. As a wizard you get access to the Mysticism group. When you level up as a wizard, you are allowed to put as many points as you want to in this skill group up to the maximum [(level+3)/2]. When you are a fighter, however, you cannot put any points into this group, but can still buy ranks normally.

There are no longer any cross class skills. There are still prohibited skills though. This mainly to deal with Use Magic Device. I am also willing to create new groups if you can give me a good reason to.

Defense Bonus: I hate the idea that a 15th level fighter with no Dex bonus has only a 10 AC without feats. That makes no sense to me. So, I am adding the Defense bonus variant from UA. Let me know what your class levels are and I will let you know what your defense bonus is.

Reputation: I have never been a fan of the Leadership feat, so I am throwing that out. Instead, I will implement the Reputation system from the Wheel of Time game. There are two mechanics to this. The first is essentially how well known you guys are. If people know of you, it will give you some bonuses or penalties depending on what you are doing.

The second is the more fun one. Starting at 8th level (who knows if we get there), I will allow you to make a Reputation roll. With this roll, you can attract followers, similar to a cohort. You essentially get a maximum level of characters that you can attract and can split those levels up among however many different followers you want.

Poisons: They will be much more dangerous in my game. The first thing I will do is make poisons cause partial damage. The second thing I will do is increase some of the DC’s. The third thing I will do it make them harder to heal. The forth thing I am considering is making poisons cause even more damage over time, or at least some poisons will be able to do this.

Please note that poison use is NOT an inherently evil act.

Massive Damage Threshold: This will be changed to 10 or 15 +2 / level or HD. This is only for if you have a Con score, so I think Jay might be happy. The DC will also be variable (15 + 2 / 10 damage taken).

Action Points: I will refer to these interchangeably as Style Points. You get these only at level ups and when I decide to award them. You get them for doing something that is very in character or doing something pretty awesome. I am the sole judge on whether or not someone gets the point but I am always willing to accept suggestions.

Level adjustments and racial HD: You should already know what I am willing to do with this. Remember to let me know what you are planning so I can break them down as necessary.

Creation of fun stuff: Anything you guys want, I am willing to make not average for you. Familiars, animal companions, special mounts, or regular mounts. Anything you guys want I will roll up for you. It might have extra HD or higher Str or whatever I feel like giving it. So the best time you want to talk to be about this might be right now because I am in a very good mood.

Pets: This is kind of an addition to the above. If you guys want pets, let me know. You character could be a falconer without actually being a ranger or druid. You could also have a pet Irish wolf hound (for all my Irish buddies out there) that is fucking bad ass. Just know that it could die but it could also be very useful for you.

Death and Dying: I have never really liked how predictable death was in DnD. The fact that you have up until -10 HP to live has been… annoying. So, I am implementing a variant from Unearthed Arcana. This makes death a little more fun. The entire -10 thing has been thrown out the window. There are a bunch of rules that come with this but it is my job to know them and your job to tell me when you get down low enough for this to apply. The coolest thing about this, though, is that you can be at 1 HP, get hit for 20 damage, and still survive.

Flaws: You can take one flaw at character creation (must be at character creation unless I say otherwise) in exchange for one feat. Whatever flaw you want, however, must be cleared by me regardless if you find it in the books or not.

Good and Evil: This is a concept that I have always had problems with in DnD. In this world, I have essentially thrown it out. I much rather prefer the dichotomy between Law vs. Chaos. Good and evil are still there but they are not as clearly defined. Shades of grey are still allowed. If you consider your character good, you can murder someone IF your character truly believes it is for the greater good. Odds are your character might want to seek atonement and we can RP that out.

Sleeping and spell regeneration: One other thing that has annoyed me to no end in DnD is the fact that elves are touted as being so connected to magic and yet still have to wait the same 9 hours that every other race has to wait to get back their spells (8 hours ‘rest’ + 1 hour studying). I am changing this to ‘You just have to sleep for however long it takes you to sleep and then study for an hour to get spells back’. Mechanically, this means that elves only have to wait the 4 hours + 1 hour of studying to get their spells back or memorize new ones. However, anyone with a Ring of Sustenance only has to wait 2 hours + 1 hour studying to get their spells back or to memorize new spells. Seeing as how this makes Rings of Sustenance much more valued, their cost and rarity will also increase accordingly. If someone wants to buy one, let me know and I will figure out the price for you. It will be a little variable.

For example, if you find yourself in the position where you would have to kill an unarmed prisoner because you are on a mission of utter secrecy and cannot risk the possibility of being discovered, do it. It will not affect your alignment as long as its a rare enough occurrence.

Send me your back stories via messages or e-mail and not as comments on this page. My e-mail is I would rather others not know your back stories before I do but if you are talking with someone else about ideas floating through your head, that is fine. I will let you know how many levels you get for the story probably within a day of you sending it to me. Take your time with them. You have two weeks before we officially start this game up. You will also know how many Action Points you will start the game with. This will be a little random so I will be rolling dice for it.

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have about the game or various rules and whatnot. Remember that my games are very player oriented because of the fact that I am not always willing to be nice to you guys. This means that I like to run gritty games where people WILL die if you act stupidly or if the dice say you do.

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