Lenwë Séregon

Str- 14
Dex- 16
Con- 14
Int- 18
Wis- 18
Cha- 16

HP- 32

AC- 15

Initiative- 2

Saving Throws Total Base Save Ability Modifier Magic Modifier Misc Modifier
Fortitude 6 4 2 0 0
Reflex 4 1 3 0 0
Will 10 6 4 0 0

Base Attack-2


Skill Name Skill Modifier Ability Score Ranks Misc Modifier
Bluff 11 3 8 0
Concentration 10 2 8 0
Decipher Script 8 4 4 0
Diplomacy 6 3 3 0
Gather Information 6 3 3 0
Intimidate 6 3 3 0
Knowledge Arcana 12 4 8 0
Knowledge Religion 12 4 8 0
Profession Sailor 9 4 5 0
Sense Motive 11 3 8 0
Spellcraft 12 4 8 0
Use Magic Device 7 3 4 0

Level 1,3,5 wizard & 2,4 cleric. So in mysticism domain max skill group ranks 4, in Religious, and social max ranks 3.

Domains Undeath (Grants extra turning and Deathbound Domain (Limit for creating undead caster level X3 now)

Languages Common, Elven, Sylvan, Draconic, Infernal, Ablyssal

Wizard Spells

Level 1 Spells Per Day 3 Color Spray, Charm Person, Cause Fear

Level 2 Spells Per Day 2 Summon Undead II, Invisibility Sphere

Spells known- Hold Portal,Shield, Mage Armor,Comprehend Languages,Cause Fear, Englarge Person, Magic Missle, Color Spray, Charm Person

-Command Undead, Invisibility Sphere

Cleric Spells

Level 1- Chill of the Grave (1d10 ranged ray attack), Summon Undead I, Inflict light wounds, Cure light wounds.

Feats Spell Penetration, Silent Spell, Improved Counterspell, Scribe Scroll, Extra Turning.

Gear has yet to be assinged



Krom is an island to the north of our starting country. It is a generally peaceful place. There is a large forest (relative to the small island) in the middle occupied all kinds of sylvan creatures. The outskirts of the forest to the coast is inhabited by small towns. Kubar the capital of Krom is one of the few cities with even a wall on the island. They are not a very rich area and just don’t have much in resources to attract the attention of anyone that would take advantage of their generally defenseless situation. Even the population is relatively low so slave labor or any other form of using people to your own good are not very effective here. Because it is so slow the are protected by the more busy country to the south.

Early Days

Lenwë Séregon grew up in a small Sun Elf village living a typical elven childhood. He was schooled in the art of magic and the longsword as a child. One day a group of pirates/raiders invaded and attacked the young elf’s hometown. His parents were killed in the attack. The pirates soon realized there was no real treasure to be gained in the area and went back to their small island. After seeing much of his village burned and slaughtered before his eyes Lenwë Séregon, went through quite a change. In his town he never really had to deal with death or the loss of life. It had always been explained to him as something natural that must happen, but this event demonstrated to him that in a world of conflict and violence death is rarely natural. His uncharacteristic interest in undead turned him to the study of necromancy.

His Fall

In his pursuit of knowledge and power Lenwë got too greedy. He attempted more powerful magics than he could control. Attempting to raise a powerful undead he started a month long ritual. Because he was much to inexperienced to control the magic the ritual went horribly wrong. As with most rituals gone wrong he did not have control of the creature he summoned. The other major problem with the ritual was the energy was reversed. The evil creature that is normally summoned was in fact Grthmrthrynyll, a good creature. Unfortunately the evil energy bled off into the surrounding village. Those of weak will were possessed by this evil energy and brought violence to a peaceful land.

The evil villagers took up arms and easily conquered the peaceful island of Krom. Seeing he had no place left on the island Lenwë and Grthmrthrynyll left for the mainland to try and find his way in the world with his recently shattered and re sculpted world view.

New Adventures

Lenwë now spends his time wandering and attempting to right the wrongs he has done. Because of the nature of his magic and his past he has developed quite a skill at dodging the truth. He is still very much fascinated with the undead but has been humbled by his experience much. He is very knowledgeable but tends to follow other peoples lead for now because he wants to understand the world and his own power better before trying to assert himself again.

Lenwë Séregon

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