Zis Cayrryn

Rogue 5


Most of the time, others will see Zis as a human. She puts on this form to avoid the attention from her true appearance. As a human, Zis goes by the name Daesta Cayrryn. When she is in her natural form, Zis lacks any distinctive features to recognize her from other of her race. Naturally, she is tall and very thin for human standards. She takes on traits that are common to all changelings: pale gray skin, thin and fair hair, and unfinished facial features. Although changelings are able to take on any gender, Zis usually takes on a female appearance. This is because her mother is her direct living relation to the world. Zis does not use her real name or appearance towards most people in the world. She generally likes the company of others although only a few know her true identity. This is because of past events that caused her to remain hidden to the general public. Normally, Zis wears wealthier attire for any occasion. Luxuries of any kind are her interest. Over time, she has grown to collect numerous items on her adventures. She also has a love of performing arts as shown by her attendance to operas, theaters, and such. She views the irony of the theater since the actors share her view of the world.

Alignment Neutral Good Diety - Age 18 Reputation 9
Gender Female Height 5’8” Weight 123
Eyes White Hair White Skin Pale gray

Ability Base Current Modifier
Str 14 14 +2
Dex 16 16 +3
Con 16 16 +3
Int 18 18 +4
Wis 15 15 +2
Cha 16 16 +3

Notes: -Added level ability increase to Int

HP 37 Speed 30ft Massive Damage Threshold 20
Total Dex Mod Misc
3 3 0

Name AC Bonus Check penalty Type Movement Notes
Mithril chain shirt +4 0 Light 30ft
Darkwood buckler +1 0 Shield Only applies when 1-handed wpn

-Defense bonus = 4
-Uncanny dodge: retain Dex bonus to AC when flat-foot or vs. invis attacker
-Trap Sense: +1 dodge AC vs. traps

Saving Throws
Save Total Base Abil Mod Magic Mod Misc
Fortitude (Con) 4 1 3 0 0
Reflex (Dex) 7 4 3 0 0
Will (Wis) 3 1 2 0 0

-+2 racial save vs. sleep and charm spells/effects
-Evasion: when make a save for reflex for 1/2 damage, take no damage if success
-Trap Sense: +1 reflex saves vs. traps

Base Attack Bonus 3
Total Base Att Bonus Str Mod Size Mod Misc
5 3 2 0 0

Attack Att Bonus Damage Critical
Rapier +1 7 d6+3 18-20/x2
Range Type
0 Piercing
Notes Swordbow, light; Weapon finesse feat

Attack Att Bonus Damage Critical
Shortbow +1 7 d6+1 x3
Range Type
60 Piercing
Notes Swordbow, light; 20 arrows

Attack Att Bonus Damage Critical
Sleeve Dagger 4 d6+2 19-20/x2
Range Type
0 Piercing
Notes Concealed in sleeve; Complete Scoundrel; Weapon finesse feat


Class Skill Ability Modifier Abil Mod Ranks Misc
o Appraise1 INT 0 0 6 0
o Balance1 DEX 0 0 5 0
o Bluff1 CHA 0 0 8 0
o Climb1 STR2 0 0 5 0
o Concentration1 CON 0 0 0 0
o Craft (plays)1 INT 0 0 5 0
o Decipher Script INT 0 0 6 0
o Diplomacy1 CHA 0 0 8 0
o Disable Device INT 0 0 8 0
o Disguise1 CHA 0 0 6 0
o Escape Artist1 DEX2 0 0 5 0
o Forgery1 INT 0 0 3 0
o Gather Information1 CHA 0 0 8 0
o Handle Animal CHA 0 0 0 0
o Heal1 WIS 0 0 0 0
o Hide1 DEX2 0 0 8 0
o Intimidate1 CHA 0 0 6 0
o Jump1 STR2 0 0 5 0
o Knowledge(local) INT 0 0 2 0
o Knowledge(nobility & royality) INT 0 0 3 0
o Knowledge(dungeoneering) INT 0 0 2 0
o Listen1 WIS 0 0 5 0
o Move Silenty1 DEX2 0 0 5 0
o Open Lock DEX 0 0 8 0
o Perform(dance) CHA 0 0 2 0
o Profession(trader) WIS 0 0 2 0
o Ride1 DEX 0 0 0 0
o Search1 INT 0 0 8 0
o Sense Motive1 WIS 0 0 8 0
o Sleight of Hand DEX2 0 0 6 0
o Spell Craft INT 0 0 0 0
o Spot1 WIS 0 0 8 0
o Survival1 WIS 0 0 0 0
o Swim1 STR3 0 0 5 0
o Tumble DEX2 0 0 6 0
o Use Magic Device CHA 0 0 0 0
o Use Rope1 DEX 0 0 6 0
1Skill can be used untrained
2Armor penalty, if any, applies
3Double armor penalty, if any, applies

Notes: -Racial: +2 bluff, intimidate, & sense motive -Masterwork Thieves’ Tools: +2 disable device and +2 open lock

Languages: Common, Halfling, Gnome, Dwarven, Giant

Skill Group Rank
Agility 4
Athletics 4
Perception 4
Robbery 4
Social 4
Stealth 4
Theatrics 4
Name Book Description
Weapon Finesse PHb Use dex modifier for melee atk rolls
Persona Immersion RacOEbb110 Control thoughts to avoid detection when disguised

Items: Heward’s Handy Haversack, Magic Bedroll, Tent, Swordbow (light), Masterwork Thieves’ Tools, Crowbar, Whetstone, Soap, Spool of Endless Rope, Collapsible Grappling Hook, Eternal Wand-Unseen Servant, Eternal Wand-Prestidigitation, Traveler’s outfit, Courtier’s outfit, Rubber ball(10), Alchemist’s Fire(1), Vial of acid(1), Rations-day(5)

Platinum #
Gold #
Silver #
Copper #
Action Points
Current Next Level
10,001 15,000

Zis was born and grew up in Aden. Her mother, also a changeling, was originally from Tia’sula. Before Zis was born, her mother moved to Aden. Zis does not know much about her father other than the small details she gets from her mother. It is also not known which of her ancestors was a doppelganger. However, Zis does not wonder too much over the past, but she looks into the present and future. She carries some characteristics of that race and gladly accepts it. Growing up in Aden proved not to be very difficult given Zis’ outside appearance. It was easy to be like any other kid there especially when she can look like any normal person. A few people in Aden know of Zis’ true identity. However, those who do only find it suspicious that she kept it secret for a while. During her childhood, Zis grew up with a close group of friends. Mischief was the talent that Zis was well known for among the group. With her shape changing abilities, impersonating others was a mere game. At one time, her dramatic impersonation of a street vendor’s customer gave her a role on stage. A panicking stage manager needed to fill in a role played by a man with an overdramatic personality. The person current holding the role had a throat disease and could not talk for the play. Seeing Zis, who was mocking the vendor at the time, the manager gauged Zis’ skill as an actor. Since Zis was already impersonating a rude customer to be gin with, she did not see a reason to stop the charade by pretending to be a stage actor from another town. After playing her part for a while, she would satisfy her new interest by sneaking into theaters from time to time. In Aden, Zis grew with a small circle of friends and other connections. Amoung them, a man named Corr is the most noteworthy. Zis and Corr were friends since a young age since they grew up in the same district. As time went by, Aden quickly grew to a larger city. In the prosperity boom, Corr’s father came into power by becoming a Council member of Aden. As a result, Corr followed in the footsteps of this father in studying to become a leader of the city. Later, Corr personally invited Zis to work on behalf of Aden when his family was in power. It is a secret to the general public that the leaders of Aden still oppose King Thothqtan of Röluth. They believed that Röluth should return to the way it was before the War of the Coast. It happened that Corr’s father is in charge of keeping information on Konmarin. Since Corr knew of Zis’ skills, she seemed to be perfect for infiltration of the city. Thus, Corr was sent to Konmarin to check on what he could find on the city. A few others, including Zis, accompanied Corr to the old port city. However, the details of traveling to Konmarin were kept to Corr alone. On the way to Konmarin, Corr discovered that documents of important value were being transported to Konmarin for safe keeping. Finding out that papers and books protected by a king’s guard rose Corr’s suspicions. Thus he set out to retrieve the documents with the resources at hand. He quickly learned that the caravan carrying the documents was resting at a military fort for a while. It also happened that a village lies very close to that outpost. It was perfect for a quick swipe and run mission. However, it caused her to move away from her homeland.

Zis Cayrryn

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