Ammon Maahes

He's Watching You!


Ammon Maahes tends to stick to the shadows but if you have ever seen his face than you would notice that this mysterious man is surprisingly plain looking. His nose which looks as if it has been broken a couple of times is just about the most interesting thing about him. He’s not exceptionally ugly in-fact in some ways he might actually be considered attractive, but he never draws a second glance.

His skin is tan and brown like the dessert sand and his eyes and hair match perfectly in a dark shade of brown. He is just shorter than the average Human male standing at 5’8.” His build while it would look lithe and skinny on a much taller man actually gives him a more fit and athletic look at his height. He tends to wear plain clothes opting for a cowled cloak when the weather calls for it, but not to worry he is not some goth kid who will be wearing a black cloak in the middle of summer or late spring. Over his back is slung a heavy cross bow and at his hip he wears a sheathed rapier. On the hilt of the finely crafted blade is an imprinted symbol of a masquerade mask that seems to be both smiling and frowning at the same time.

3rd Level Human Paragon, 2nd Level Cleric

Strength 14 (+2)
Dexterity 18 (+4)
Constitution 14 (+2)
Intelligence 14 (+2)
Wisdom 19 (+4)
Charisma 11

Hit Points: 38

Initiative: +4

AC: 21

Saving Throw Total Base Save Ability Modifier Misc.
Fortitude 6 4 2
Reflex 5 1 4
Will 10 6 4

Cold Iron Masterwork Rapier: +9, 1d6+2, 18-20 (x2)

Feats/Special abilities: Weapon Focus (rapier), Weapon Finesse, Combat Expertise, Blind Fight (domain), Stealthy, Adaptive Learning, Turn Undead, Spontaneous Casting (positive Energy), Domains (Darkness and Trickery).

Skills 52
Skill Name Total Ranks Ability and Misc Mod
Appraise 6 4 +2
Balance (3) 7 3 +4
Bluff (5) 4 4 -
Climb (3) 5 3 +2
Concentration (2) 9 7 +2
Decipher Script (2) 4 2 +2
Diplomacy (2) 2 2 -
Disable Device 6 4 2
Disguise (5) 4 4 -
Escape Artist (3) 7 3 +4
Gather Information (2) 2 2 -
Heal 8 4 +4
Hide (5) 14 8 +6
Intimidate (2) 2 2 -
Jump (3) 7 5 +2
Knowledge (Religion) 8 6 +2
Listen (5) 9 5 +4
Move Silently (5) 14 8 +6
Open Lock (5) 17 8 +9
Profession (sailor) 7 3 +4
Search 7 5 2
Sleight of Hand 10 6 +4
Spell Craft (2) 4 2 +2
Spot (5) 8 4 +4
Swim (3) 6 4 +2
Tumble (3) 7 3 +4

Skill Groups

Trickery (domain) 5 levels Hide, Bluff, Disguise
Adaptive Learning 5 levels Listen, Spot, Move Silently, Open lock
Athletics 3 levels Climb, Jump, Swim
Agility 3 levels Balance, Escape Artist, Tumble
Social 2 levels Diplomacy, Bluff, Intimidate, Gather Information
Mysticism 2 levels Concentration, Decipher Script, Spell craft

Languages: Common, Elven, Halfling

Possessions: Masterwork cold Iron Rapier, Heavy Crossbow (20 quarrels), dagger, Travel sack, Rations (5 days), Bulls eye lantern, Caltrops, Thunder stone x2, Tangle foot bag x2, steel mirror, Ring of Lock picking, Gloves of Agile striking, Ring of Mystic Healing, Rod of Silence (lesser), 326 gold


Ammon Maahes (The Hidden Lion)

Orphaned as an infant, Ammon knows little of the events that transpired around his birth. He never knew his blood parents, and as a child he was found in the deepest shadows of a dark alley by the young rogue Maahes Re. Maahes, a man of little compassion ignored the wailing infant and was about to walk away when something unusual happened. The infant who he had thought left behind him suddenly appeared in-front of him, as if carried through shadow itself. Taking it is a sign from the great lord Olidmara, Maahes resigned to taking the child with him.

Maahes spoke little of how he found Ammon, telling others only that he had been chosen by the god of shadows to watch over this infant. Ammon’s early years were spent being raised by whores, bar wenches, and any other “motherly” figure that Maahes could employ as a surrogate mother. Ammon knew at a young age that he was different from other’s, he had an insight into the world at a young age that most didn’t have until their adult years, and he demonstrated an agility and coordination of an exceptional athlete. He never really had a true mother figure and it wasn’t until he was thirteen that his foster father Maahes truly stepped back into the picture.

Maahes not even two full decades older than his son, was a strong believer in tough love. Although not much of a father, he did truly love his adopted son, and at times of emotional sensitivity would hint that he felt deep down that Ammon was his special gift from Olidmara. Maahes showed Ammon the ropes of his trade, exposing the young Ammon to the brutal reality of his unique profession. By the age of fifteen Ammon had broken into countless houses, escaped the city guard a handful of times, and watched a few of his father’s victims as they slowly bled out.

On his sixteenth birthday Ammon along with the strong encouragement of his father decided to pursue is studies and faith in Olidmara. After proving his faith and skill he was accepted into the Olidmara’s clerical order. After only a few short years he was sent to The Mirror Isles where he would lend his unique services to a relatively new temple of Olidmara recently built on one of the smaller Islands. Leaving his father behind Ammon set out for the first time to take control of his destiny.

Ammon found that his new home would be on a quiet and majestic island in the city of Kirpolis. His new home, while one of the smaller cities in the Mirror Isles is still considerably large and diverse. He was sent to the Mirror isles to work with an elite group to track down and recover artifacts for the glory of Olidmara. The group he occasionally worked with to recover these items are all exceptional at stealth and infiltration, however his unique specialties left him in charge of aiding those who fell prey to deadly traps, and granting his comrades divine boosts. Ammon currently continues this service for Oldimara and is constantly in search of divine relics of his deity.

Ammon hopes to one day live up to his father’s expectations, by setting himself aside in the eyes of Olidmara. How he hopes to do this, he is still trying to figure out. Like any faithful servant of Oldimara he loves trickery, chaos, deceit and is notoriously greedy. While devout, Ammon never preaches and despises evangelism. He respects other deities and individual beliefs. Everything has a price for Ammon, he knows that nothing in life is free, so he has decided to capitalize on that.

Ammon Maahes

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